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Pigeon John

Hailing from Inglewood, CA, Pigeon John is one of the most atypical hip-hop artists making music today. In an era when most rappers have slowed down their creative drive, opting for the safe route, risk-takers like John aren’t even concerned…

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Creating phenomenal designs for some of the top urban labels on the market isn’t all Dubelyoo is about, though his portfolio of dope, hip hop-centralized paintings, sketches and graphic design might not lead you to believe that. Right now, Dubelyoo…

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Miskeen Originals

In 1999, a fresh coat of paint was applied to the fashion industry when the Zaken Brothers took something they saw on the streets everyday and put it on a t-shirt. What they saw was an artist on the streets…

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Weekly Drop

In this sense of the phrase the gap is a positive. Rob and Jeff come from two sides of the track but mesh beautifully when it comes to the creation and production of Weekly Drop, a podcast show that interviews…

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Straight out of Atlanta, Georgia, Totem has been applying paint to surface for sixteen years. Consistently staying tight with his colour themes–no crazy mash-ups here–Totem keeps true to his style, which is recognizable through his robotic lettering. Most of his…

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Miracle Whips

Saying car culture is important to black culture is like saying pimps like gators — duh. Your ride is a reflection of your status, even more so than your sneakers or your 59/50. So, it’s only natural that whip appeal…

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Grill’ Em: Shatrev

Shatrev, better known as Shakova & Trevor D, offer customer jewelry including: gold teeth, custom jewelry, diamond watches, loose diamonds, and diamond rings. Having customized grills for the public and many celebrities, their quality

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Hi-Tek – Hi-Teknology 2

Cincinnati isn’t known as a hot-bed of hip hop, but when you think of the city and the music together, Hi-Tek’s name is sure to arise. Hi-Tek, the super-producer, has a long record of work with formidable MCs, but seems…

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