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No Biting Allowed

That’s what the sign on the door used to say…. but the way things are going, it seems as though everyone is doing the complete opposite.

So whutcha sayin’ ― there’s no such thing as originality? Nope – just that “No Biting Allowed” is supposedly

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A Taste of Honey

Soul singer Roy Charles Hammond was a hugely talented singer and writer, whose ability far exceeded the moderate attention he received since his start in 1958. He changed his name to Roy C. Hammond to avoid confusion with singer Ray Charles and embarked on a career as the lead singer of The Genies, scoring a top ten hit with the track “Who’s Knocking.” He then moved on to the group Mark 4, writing

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The A-Typical Race Unifier

Apparently a memo was sent to North American DJs that declares hyphy mashups as the new crunk, or even, the new snap rap. Regardless of any internal communication, the message is clear: white people love trendy rap.

Caucasians loved black music before Charlie Parker played

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Classic Material

Today, the worldwide web is a microcosm of the hip-hop industry. Any and everybody can make a website with MySpace, youtube or similar online “communities”. Thus, it’s hard to decipher what is real from what is just hearsay.

With that in mind, I’m going to give you the best websites to check out for everything that concerns hip-hop music. To find

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Globally Corruped Apply Within

During the Second World War, established artists from all around Europe such as Picasso congregated in Paris and created the Absurdist movement in reaction to the War and German occupation. This movement went on to influence the beatnik generation in North America, which motivated Warhol to create his famous Factory atelier in New York City. These movements, outspoken in nature, were very powerful awakening tools for many groups and individuals to fight against corrupted institutions, questionable war plans and human injustice. However, in this day in age of oil and nuclear wars and terror threats, these great ideas and art forms from the second half of the 20th century have died out with the plastic and comfortably commercial Macintosh generation. Where are our influential artistic groups to foster insightfulness and innovation in our minds?

Of course, there will always be individuals who,

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A Sheep in Noir Clothing

Brian DePalma’s “The Black Dahlia” is an homage to Los Angeles film noir. The return of noir is a thankful refuge from the teen horror flicks featuring B-list singers-turned-actresses, and the flat action movies of the summer. Autumn weather makes one feel smoky, mysterious, and a little naughty — perfect for this season’s noir films.

“The Black Dahlia,” adapted from

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Less is More, More or Less

Toy collecting is often described as entry-level art collecting. And to a large extent, it is. Toys, like prints, are an affordable way to own limited edition pieces by artists whose work you’d otherwise never be able to afford. However, and I say this as an avid toy collector, the limited edition side of things has gained a bit too much credence as a defining element of what makes a toy desirable.

You see, whether it’s one of ten or one of a thousand, a bad toy

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Where Have All the New Shoes Gone?

Seen “Jarhead”? It doesn’t matter, but it’s a Gulf War pic, and in one scene someone is playing the Doors’ Break on Through. “That’s Vietnam music,” complains Jake Gyllenhaal’s character. “Can’t we have our own music?” I couldn’t have put it better. I don’t have beef with Air Force 1s, Dunks and Stan Smiths per se, but in 20 years our kids will complain that they’re not even rocking their own shoes. Hell, I’m sayin’ it today. Retros, once a small segment, have grown into the whole damn pie. Most kicks on your local Foot Locker shelves were first released 10 to 20 years ago, to say

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Can I Get An Amen?

In the late ’60s, Washington-based soul six-piece the Winstons recorded a top 10 hit with the single, “Color Him Father.” It was their first release for the Metromedia label and won them a Grammy for best R&B song in 1970. The outstanding lead vocals of Richard Spencer, alongside members Ray Martino, Quincy Mattison. Phil Tolotta, Sonny Peckrol and Gregory C. Coleman drew many comparisons to soul heavyweights the Impressions.

Unfortunately, it was their only success in what was a fairly mediocre career. The song was quickly forgotten and

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Phat Camp

Shoveling heaps of greasy fast food is silently killing North Americans by making skinny people fat and fat people obese. And frankly, it’s disgusting.
Wealthy rappers with riders demanding mounds of soul food while on tour should be bitch-slapped by Tony Little. Having the means to improve their health, but not having the common sense to act on it, is like rejecting an HIV test after being shanked by a syringe. Fitness trainers

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