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Bape “Maebashi” RoadSta

This is the newest Bape “Maebashi†RoadSta, part of the Bapeshop Roadsta Cities Series. The city of Maebashi is one of the greenest in Japan and is also known as the “city of poets.†The shoe features a black, blue…


Nike 07 Spring Samples

Here are just a few examples of Nike 2007 Spring collection. As you can see Nike have tripped out on the colours, creating some seriously unique looking shoes. Nike have used different materials like nubuck and patterns like the safari…


Undrcrwn Spring & Summer ’07

Undrcrwn apparel, for the urban baller, have released their Spring & Summer ’07 Look Book. They’re getting creative in the footwear department using funky textures like elephant and courvoisier prints along with more standard colourways like white/purple and red/black. Windbreakers,…


Alienegra x Madasaki Hoody Preview

There’s been crazy hype and lines around the block with just about every release Alienegra puts out. This hoody will probably do the same. It’s got some wicked detailing like leather pocket lining, CLOT and Madasaki logo patches and a…


1st & 15th x Enstrumental x FTK Tee

Lupe Fiasco is doing it big. He first had the release of the exclusive Lupe Fiastroboy Japan Tour ‘07 tee as a collabo with Swagger. Now there’s the 1st & 15th x Enstrumental x FTK tee which tributes the success…


Bape Aloha Resort Camo

Wahooo! Bape goes Hawaiian style this Summer with the Aloha Resort camo stylee. Bright and flashy islands style makes sense…but hoodies for the hot season? Suuure why not. Info.Image: High Snobiety


The North Face X Supreme

After getting good reviews on their backpack collab it only made sense to take it further and start releasing full fledged outerwear. Supreme are making a smart move with this one since street labels usually don’t have the funds to…

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Melle Mel

Television’s stereotype of a 45-year-old man is a fat, balding man with insecurities that propel him into mid-life debt through whimsical affairs with chesty pre-women that like fast cars, fine dining and fashion. Then there is Grandmaster Melle Mel. At…

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