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Nike Air Jordan Spizikes True Blue

After “they” killed Lincoln, 40 acres and a mule was revoked and all the land which was distributed under the order was taken back, causing 40,000 free’d slaves to have their American dreams shattered overnight. Red, White and Blue baby,…


Puma Clyde x Mita Sneakers

With a special Clyde Frazier print, Mita links up with Puma to drop a cool grand on your feet. With only 588 pairs to be released on April 21st, these kicks will be snatched up like free money. Go ahead…


Money Bags

Bags full of money? Not quite, but almost as good. Money Bags is a new streetwear brand which aims to deconstruct the global dominance of corporate fascismo fashionistas, whilst also bringing sweatpants back in a major way…..that’s right, a pair…


Rocksmith Tokyo

Yeah, all that stuff you heard about a massive global revolution was true. This is actually the official hoody of the 21st century earthling who lusts for all that is good and righteous in this strange world of ours; birthdays,…


Reebok Glow in the Dark Pumps

Reebok goes futuristic with these ultra-technotronic pumps from beyond the moon. Tron never looked so fresh, the new best reason to keep your shoes on when you’re knockin’ boots, these kicks are basically kryptonite for player haters so keep ‘em…


New Stussy Tees

Stussy have just released two brand new tees. As well as keeping the essence of the Stussy brand, the tees also feature the ever popular skull and skeletal theme. Info.Image: Hypebeast


And the Winner Is…


After much deliberation, Format has chosen a winner for the Fridge Rapper Drawing Contest.

Congratulations to Ian O’Phelan for his drawing of Grandmaster Flash.

And many thanks to everyone else who submitted:


Adidas x Undercrown x Fruition Tee

Yo that party at Magic was crazy, for real, did you see Adidas? Dude was out of control and ended up getting down with that hottie Fruition in the bathroom. Huh? Undercrown? A three way? Damn, Las Vegas is for…

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