Yves Behar and Puma’s Clever Little Bag

Yves Behar and Puma have come up with this Clever Little Bag, a solution to the tons and tons of waster that’s created by sneaker sales every year. If you’re reading this blog, you probably have more than a couple of shoeboxes still sitting in your closet. Whether it’s the bright blue Adidas box, or Nike’s classic orange, you’ve definitely held onto more than a few you don’t necessarily want.

The Clever Little Bag is a waste-efficient solution, that saves the cumbersome box, and wasteful paper packing. By packing the shoes in a red shoe bag inside of a recyclable, fordable box, Puma and Behar have a solution that can save over 8500 tons of paper, a million liters of fuel oil, and over 275 tons of plastic. Annually. An impossibly clever, eco-friendly solution. So what’s the consensus, sneakerheads? You willing to give up your boxes?

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