Yours Truly Spring 08′ Collection

Yours Truly

This goes out to the women. For all you lil’ mamas out there, the new Yours Truly line “Girls Play” includes 5 styles of Tees in different colors and motifs. Part of the ’08 Spring line hitting stores in March, Anna Nicole Smith, as well as the Tootsie Roll dance is featured on these tees without forgetting a first-hand look at their foundation for “Inner Titty Youth”. Be sure to check this out!

Info.Image: Boundless Family

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  1. it annoys me… what a limited number of womens brands there are in “streetwear”… and then a brand like this comes up with tees and really just figures out how to slut-it-up … who the fuck wants anna nicole smith on their shirt? joke or no joke. it’s amazing.

    i wanna say a big up to hellz bellz.

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