Vaughn Bode x Cheech Wizard x Puma Clyde

Vaughn Bode x Cheech Wizard x Puma Clyde

Hoodies have become an unbreakable fad. Rarely are there shoes to match exactly along with the apparel. In this case, the Bode and Puma collaboration is extremely exclusive and hot. Clearly the fit can be rocked by either gender. Only 20 shops will be selling the merchandise and only 200 hoodies and 264 pairs of sneakers will be produced.

Info.Image: hypebeast

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  1. i’ve been eyeing these kicks for at least 2 months……any word on when they dropping? and what 20 stores are getting them??? i’ve been to puma stores and asked them and noone really knows……..ANY HELP OUT THERE???

  2. No word on which stores will be selling them, but they will be sold worldwide. Even then, the shops will be selective, maybe if you follow the links you’ll get more info on where exactly they’ll be sold.

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