Upper Playground x Date Farmers Support Obama

Upper Playground x Date Farmers Support Obama

To show their collective support for Obama, Upper Playground has asked the Date Farmers to create a campaign poster to be mass-distributed on offset posters throughout Texas prior to the primary in that state. There will only be 300 limited-edition copies of the poster signed and numbered by the artists available. Proceeds will go directly to creating more campaign posters and stickers by other artists in support of Obama’s bid for President.

Info.Image: Upper Playground

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  1. communist looking posters where Obama looks like Hugo Chavez (or is it actually hugao chavez and no Obama?) will probably take away votes from him rather than help him gain votes.

    seems like a stupid idea

  2. yup keep supporting the fascist and their corporate
    government. I really doubt tthe kids doing these posters are even aware of whats going on in Washington and Obama and his Wallatreet administration are selling out America. He’s no different from Bush.

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