Upper Playground Pillows – David Choe, Sam Flores, Morning Breath

Upper Playground releases three new pillows from David Choe, Sam Flores and Morning Breath. If you’re sleeping on the David Choe pillow while somebody breaks into your house, put it over your face and nobody will ever know you were there. Sam Flores’ ‘Jumping Tiger’ pllow is great for friskiness and may or may not be filled with cat nip, which may or may not be causing the tigers to jump on that woman. And Morning Breath’s ‘Molotov’ pillow seems to have predicted our current world situation: aristocratic out of work VP’s setting fire to the streets on their way to a polo game.

All pillows are 20 inches tall x 20 inches wide and feature a printed case with a removable pillow. All three retail for $40 and are available at Upper Playground

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