Transformers Fitted Caps

Transformers Fitted Caps

Remember when you had the whole Transformers bed set and draws to match? Damn those were the days. Well for those who do, it seems like Pretas Clothing went back and cut all them shits up to make some fitteds. The new film dropped today, so it was a great time to put these out. It’s being said that “Every hat made was hand cut out to insure that no two hats are the same and that each character on the fabric was represented.” Keep your eyes peeled for these joints when they drop so you can secure ya favorite character.

Info.Image: High Snobiety

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  1. i still have a few left . . . hit me up @my website for details . . . ill send ya pics of what i got left . . .only about 4 or 5 and fill ya in on whats new . . .


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