Times Neue Roman – Of Sound and Silence


By partnering the song “Of Sound and Silence” with graphic notation, musicians Times Neue Roman and artist Christine Mangosing provoke contemplation on the topic of sound and silence in the urban setting. They explore silence as “an abstract and liminal idea, as the muse, as a spiritual place or moment and finally as the last thing that is not for sale – a space for creativity and rebellion”. They draw a parallel between this piece and Toronto’s urban soundscape which is visually embodied in Yonge and Dundas square. The audience is encouraged to take an active interest in their sound environment, since we already take part through our silence and sound.

Click to Listen:  Times Neue Roman – Of Sound And Silence

Ally Duncan

Ally Duncan

Ally Duncan

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  1. constantly pushing the envelope. My maaannnsss and dem are always, always, always on that next shit.

    so dope family. so much respect.


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