“The Walrus Rider” by Alex Pardee


We present to you the first toy designed by Alex Pardee, in celebration of Upper Playground’s 10th anniversary.  The Walrus Rider is a cool little fellow as he sits atop his walrus friend, wielding his tusk-knife-weapon.  The above promo photo was taken by Brian McCarty and is a nice dreamscape of what the rider loves to do most, think of blondes (don’t we all)!  Catch the 10″ Walrus Rider if you can, as you would expect, numbers are limited.  Pre Order HERE.

One comment

  1. HI
    I am french ant I pray you to excuse my very bad american language, but, I hope that you understand me I seach a blue Inflate blue animal with a handle of each side for that childre can rider and sleep on beaches. I belive that it is a Walrus rider. I have 2 pictures. please, give me our mail adress and I should can you these pictures, and you :
    1) say me exactely the name of animal
    2) peraps to have an idea where I should can find it.
    For advance, I thank you very much for your answer.
    Good Independance Day and glory to Washington and La Fayette.

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