The Umbuster by Sruli Recht

The kings of innovative products, Sruli Recht, have completely outdone themselves with their latest offering. The aptly titled “Umbuster” is a custom bespoke umbrella that features a polished brass knuckle handle. Each polished metal handle is individually CNC cut in a 5-hour process, while the umbrellas are produced by Guy de Jean of France. A totally inventive item designed and created with a quality of craftsmanship that you rarely see these days. For more information on availability, click here.

Yang-Yi Goh

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One comment

  1. If only The Penguin has weapons like these

    Besides, Shouldn’t the knuckles be facing the other way? If I am going to swing at someone with this, I don’t want to go umbrella first. I want knuckles first. If you are going to make some hipster toy like this, at least make it look like it would be useful.

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