Supreme x Bad Brains – Second Installment

Coming on the heels of their Miles Davis collection, Supreme pays homage to another legendary musical act, teaming up again with seminal hardcore band Bad Brains. The second installment of the collaboration consists of two shirts and a hooded sweatshirt. The shirts feature the album art from “Pay to Cum!”, Bad Brains’ first single, and “Quickness”, their fourth album, while the sweatshirt has the band’s logo on the front and lists their names on the back. These iconographic pieces will be available on November 24th at Supreme’s NY, LA, and web stores.

Yang-Yi Goh

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  1. I’ll never understand why people go for Supreme’s clothing. Their stuff looks cheaply made and boring. A black and white photo of Miles Davis silked onto a plain blue t-shirt? Give me a break.

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