Sueshiro Sano – Sanomagic Wooden Bike

Sueshiro Sano was born into the ship building industry. In fact Sano has been building boats in his family’s 200 year old business since the age of seven. Quickly seen as a master craftsman Sano has received endless kudos and awards for his unparalleled carpentry skills.

In 2008 Sueshiro Sano began prototyping wooden bikes made from pure mahogany. These were not intended as leisure rides. The Sano wooden bikes were meant as performance models, with Sano attempting to shave three Kilograms off of each new version. Riders claim the wood is far more flexible than metal which allows for deeper connection with the road and driver response.

Since ’08 Sueshiro Sano has produced eleven bikes, which have been race tested and returned with rave reviews. Seen here is Sano’s twelfth incarnation. We can’t say enough about this incredible undertaking. When a craetion so functional bears this much aesthetic attention, you know you are looking at something truly special. Watch for more amazing woodwork to come from Sueshiro Sano.

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