Stones Throw – Chrome Children Vol. 2

Stones Throw - Chrome Children Vol. 2

Peanut Butter Wolf has got more years under his belt than your favorite rappers favorite rapper –learning to focus his efforts where he excels. A funky, free download through the Stones Throw website, Chrome Children Vol.2 will make you appreciate the consistency involved in pushing quality, eclectic projects with a cohesive feel and enough replay value to have your ass in court for noise complaints.

Guest spots range from Madlib and Oh No to M.E.D. and J.Rocc, with every shade of chrome in between. Spinning loops of mystification on the first tune, “Chrome Dreams,” they provide a sonic backdrop suitable for manslaughter. Basslines like thunder, yessir. Pong-like sound effects pulling strings in your brain – check. Rizzla’s and ziplock – you know what time it is.

Blazing through 16 tracks, it becomes difficult to remember how you became so absorbed in the music, but with unified rhythms, this LP provides almost an hour of utopian resonance. Beside standout tracks like “Gitback” ft. Oh No and “Reverse Pt 2” ft. Percee P, healthy offerings emerge every three to four minutes.

Every single person is in need of a mental purification after a day of being bombarded with cookie-cutter radio singles and eccentric coworkers. Do yourself a favor and scoop this free tape – reconnect with the magic of organized confusion.

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