Steve Aoki x WeSC Headphones

Steve Aoki x WeSC Headphones

Put down those pussy hole ass ipod headphones and pick up a pair of the realness. WESC has just released a set of headphones with the one man band, Steve Aoki. These headphones will run you $100USD but people who understand that sound quality is everything will know that’s a small price to pay for a well rounded sound field. Cop em at Karmaloop.

Info.Image: Hypebeast

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  1. Thanks for the new headphons… And steve aoki is walking greatness… Check that out and the rest of DIM MAK! To add, what’s with all this stuff extracted for Hypebeast. Hypebeast fucking sucks… Hypebeast is lame a dirt, in fact, dirt isn’t even that lame. Hypebeast is lamer than dirt…

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