Staple x Alife


Staple and Alife have released a tee celebrating Staple’s 10th year in the biz. The tee features a snowman-type-thing made out of pennies on the front and the phrase “no cents we got that” on the back. Available now at We Sold Out for fifty Euros a pop, making this shirt a perfect match for your post-sale wallet.

Info.Image: SlamXHype

Douglas Haddow

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  1. are you serious? lol this isn’t a bite of the Snowman from Jeezy then what is?

    amazing to me how streetwear people swear “Streetwear” is so original… and not to say it isn’t….. because sometimes it is…… but just like all fashion brands.. it’s driven by money adn everybody is ‘borrowing’ ideas to stay afloat

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