Kuro ‘Stank Sentiments For Sweethearts’ Cards

We have LA-based design firm, Kuro to thank for these Stank Sentiments for Sweethearts cards, which play on famous rap lyrics to create endearing messages of love and lust. Nothing says I Love You quiet like 2 Live Crew’s classic “Me Luv U Long Time” or Lil’ Wayne’s smooth-talking “Lick Me Like a Lollipop.” You just can’t make that shit up – you gotta feel it. Each letterpress card comes with a red envelope, so if you’re in the habit of impressing your lady, or guy, with raunchy sentiment, look no further than Stank Sentiments for Sweethearts. Check their Etsy shop now for orders…

Nick Hanekom

Nick Hanekom

Nick Hanekom

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