Sons of Liberty – Death to Tyrants!

Don’t call it a comeback… they’ve been here for years.


Sons of Liberty are back at The ‘Loop with it’s signature threads for the revolution, and this has to be our personal favorite hit so far. Skulls, snakes, the number 13… we’re in.

Featuring tees filled with imagery foreshadowing the American Revolutionary War, Sons of Liberty takes it’s name from a group of wildin’ whigs including John Adams, Paul Revere, Samuel Adams and Herbie- ahem, John Hancock, original gangsters whom you may remember as the motherfuckers that dumped a shitload of tea into the Boston Harbor helping the create that thing we call “America.” On behalf of all Bostonians, “you’re welcome.”

Not for triskaidekaphobics, The 13 Tee (top left) features our favorite number front and center, here representing the original 13 colonies of the United States (are we the only ones who thought that the 13 stripes on the flag were for good luck?), while The Ace Tee (bottom right) displays the preferred mark of the band of rebels known as the original Sons. Our pick of the lot is The Skull Tee (top right) with it’s headstone aesthetics and bold “Liberty or Death” print at the left sleeve – 235 years later, and Patrick Henry’s words ring as true as when he spat them out during a court hearing centuries ago.



Get a closer look at these gems and more by clicking the banner below. Veni, Vidi, Vici, motherfuckers.



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