Shepard Fairey x Michael Jordan x Upper Deck Prints

Shepard Fairey x Michael Jordan x Upper Deck Prints_03

To commemorate the induction of ‘His Airness’ into the Basketball Hall of Fame, Shepard Fairey and sports memorabilia company Upper Deck have teamed up to release a set of three prints featuring Michael Jordan in all his glory. In addition to the print of Jordan dunking that we’ve already seen, there’s one celebrating his days as a UNC Tar Heel, and one print of Jordan’s Hall of Fame portrait. There will be several releases of the prints — the first 50 are available today and are being sold as a set of three, with autographs by Jordan and Fairey — the next 123 sets will only be autographed by Fairey, and go on sale from September 22nd, 2009. What an amazing way to commemorate the greatest basketball player of all time.

Source: Freshness Mag

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