R.I.P ‘The Godfather Of Soul’


Christmas Day saw the death of James Brown who sadly passed away aged 73. The singer whose hits include, Poppa’s Got A Brand New Bag, and Please, Please, Please, died early Christmas morning after a servere bout of pneumonia.

Despite a checked past including a spell in prison from a young age, Brown became one of the musical pioneers for his and many more generations that followed. His catalogue of hits has been heavily sampled in hip hop for well over 20 years, with many people citing his music as a major influence in their careers.

Phonte of hip hop group, Little Brother, summed it up pretty well on his myspace blog, with a picture of Mr Brown and the statement, ‘Hip Hop Has Died This Morning’

He will be sadly missed and our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends

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  1. i’m sure every urban clothing line on the planet is scrambling to make some r.i.p. james brown t-shirts and limited edition caps- i can’t wait to see what new era will come out with- limited edition kicks- the godfather of sole-lol- i can see it now…….

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