Reebok ‘Perfectly Black’ Pump Pack

Reebok 'Perfectly Black' Pump Pack 1

Reebok‘s classic Pump sneaker has just celebrated its 20th anniversary, so celebrate that milestone with this ‘Perfectly Black’ pack of Reebok pumps, covering two decades of Reebok sneaker design. Growing up, basketball fans could see Dominique Wilkins and Dee Brown sporting these classic shoes. Ubiquitous in 1990s street culture, the Pump was a crucial part of any sneaker fan who was growing up in that decade, just as important as the Air Jordan or L.A. Lights. Celebrate your childhood with this pack, featuring the classic Reebok Pump Omni Lite, Court Victory II and Insta Pump Fury, all rendered in a classy black.

Source: Sneaker News

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