R. Crumb x Vans ‘Mr. Natural’ Chukka


Famed – if somewhat elusive – artist R. Crumb has teamed up with Vans for what’s looking to be one of the most sought-after sneakers this season. Crumb is a hero of the comic underground, and he is best known for some of his off-beat characters, including Fritz the Cat, Devil Girl, and Mr. Natural, who is faithfully depicted on this Vans SK8-HI. Further, Vans is set to release Authentics commemorating Fritz and his popular ‘Keep on Trucking’ design. Stay tuned for the more info on the drop.

Image.Info: SlamxHype

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  1. orangetiki says:

    Anyone know if this is real or not? Crumb usually isn’t the one to work with companies.

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