Puma x Undefeated ’24 Collection Mirror Gold’

Frequent collaborative partners Puma and Undefeated are taking it back to the day of yes y’allin’ (so to speak) with their newest offering from their 24k Collection, the Mirror Gold. All the Internet hype these sneakers have been getting seems to be justified – they look amazing. Featuring mirror gold leather, matching midsoles, and a plated-metal hangtag with Undefeated’s soon-iconic five strikes logo (don’t even think about removing it), the Mirror Gold is sure to turn some heads. These shoes are extremely limited run, with only 72 pairs made, so if you’d like a pair, make sure to check your local Undefeated store – either in LA, Tokyo, or scattered across the States.

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  1. I dont know.. its just an opinion, but is this shoe not a bit ‘gay’? Not in the sense of sexuality, but as in unneccessary and stupid? Just my opinion. Dont nail me to the cross for it. Have a good day,

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