Peace Art Project Cambodia: Sasha Constable’s Sculptures

Here’s something to consider when your newly-bought Ikea furniture needs replacement in a few weeks: furniture assembled from junked Cambodian weapons. As part of the Peace Art Project Cambodia (PAPC), British sculptor Sasha Constable has found an alternate use for portions of the 125,000 discarded Cambodian weapons: she’s converted them into furniture and sculptures (such as the one pictured above). Constable has provided a refreshing take on over 30 years of war in Cambodia, and you can check out more of her work here.

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  1. Neil Wilford says:

    Sasha Constable DID NOT MAKE THESE SCULPTURES NOR DID SHE HAVE ANY INFLUENCE ON SOURCING THE DECOMMISSIONED WEAPONS! They were manufactured by Cambodian art students in 2003 and Constable was fired from the project shortly after. This is a further sad example of foreigners taking credit for locals’ work in Cambodia. The project closed in 2005. Your text should be clarified immediately.

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