Parish Nation Clothing Launch Video

See the minds behind Parish Nation Clothing at work: the drama, the comedy, the launch.


  1. I believe that the photo collage has been around before anyone on this forum and on earth, in the past 80 years, has been alive. So I believe, The Damaja, that your argument is pointless. And if you want to believe some numbskull neo-hippies that they invented hip hop then you definitely need to check yourself. And what the fuck is going on in this industry? Apparently you imply that you have a sense of clarity about it. Please give us a clue.

    Here’s what I think is going on in the industry:

    A bunch of companies decided to make some product to sell to consumers. Some of the product is wack and some of it is good. Some of the product is expensive and some of it is affordable. The consumer walks into a store and tries on the product and decides whether or not to buy it. If the consumer is happy with the product, he or she will drop down some money and walk out with the product. Everyone makes some money and the cycle gets repeated.

    Here are some things to note:

    The companies are not stopping wars in the world. They are not stopping famine in the world. They are not stopping global warming.

    They are here to make money.

    The sooner you realize that, the sooner you will be more happy with yourself, and your self esteem will rise to an euphoric high. Instead of automatically hating on something you have no idea about, how about asking youself “Why do I have so much hate in my life?” or “Why am I so ignorant?” That would be a start to enlightenment for you.

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  2. By Chris Julian not Son Delorian .

    dont get me confused w/ them.

    this is a simple thread that came up

    of 2 companies

    i thought,
    were the same…

    go figure…


    you argue w/ them

    i have a collage i’ve done too

    no colors on the people, i’m not a very ‘colorable’ type of person

    carry on

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