Obey “Rollins 50″ Print

To celebrate Henry Rollins‘ upcoming 50th birthday, Obey is releasing two limited edition prints designed by Shepard Fairey. The first print is seen above and the other is set to be released next week. Only 700 of each print will be created and only 200 of those will go on sale through Obey’s site. The other 500 will be sold at Rollins’ show.

Of his reasons for creating the posters Fairey said, ” I hold Henry in high regard for his many talents as a singer, writer, radio DJ, TV host, political and social commentator, etc… but above all I love his energy and gusto. Henry has been doing it his way hardcore for 30+ years. This 50 poster is ridiculous not because Henry is getting older, but because Henry would never lounge around long enough for the reaper to get a jump on him.”

Daniel St. Germaine

Daniel St. Germaine

Daniel St. Germaine

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