Nikolay Boltachev Hubless BMX Concept

Russian graphic designer Nikolay Boltachev is making waves in the industrial design quarter with this amazing hubless BMX concept. While this project is still very much on the drawing board — Boltachev is researching hubless wheels or magnetic bearings — we here at Format think the idea is rock-solid and wish him all the best of luck in getting this into production.

Nick Hanekom

Nick Hanekom

Nick Hanekom

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    there is a reason bicycle design hasnt changed alot in two centuries.

  2. I once read a quote by a writer that said something to the effect of: “To violate the rules of grammar in the pursuit of style is justified only if the writer first understands why the rules exist.” Perhaps Boltachev would have better luck attempting to improve upon the bicycle if he first respected the machine enough to understand it.

  3. Without your respect guys, this bike is just so cool looking! So pure!

    I love when people thinks out of the box, as this designer. Bravo Boltachev!!

  4. sorry, what is the actual problem behind this solution? if the only reason is to eliminate the heinous aesthetic mess called spokes, I don’t think eliminating the pegs is really worth the trade-off. i suppose you would have the opportunity to invent a set of new tricks involving sticking appendages through wheels during airs. hmm…

  5. that is a very nice looking bike but dont you think it will be quite weak and a bit un balanced on both sides, i do admit he has thought out of the box i would definitely have one if they ever go for sale

  6. Paul Kendig says:

    This is really an out of this world BMX . The most amazing ive ever seen in my 34 years of this life form . As a ryder and extreme lover of BMXing id have to say youve have designed the WORLDS BEST BMX ON THA PLANET in this time and space. I would really appreciate if you can email me info on it and a PRICE .Bless you for this HEAVEN SENT MASTER PEICE OF ART AND GENIOUSNESS ON WEELS I dreamed of this concept myself even drew it on my laptop ….YOUR AMAZING !!!!!!!

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