NIKE ID Releases 90 Exclusive Air Max 90’s

Nike Air Maz 90

NIKE ID will be releasing exclusive Nike Air Max 90 sneakers at their location on 255 Elizabeth St. in New York. These sneakers will include an unreal combination of evolution camouflage liner, studio buffalo leather, and VIP infrared. Only 90 pairs will be released starting December 2 at $160 each so get em’ while they’re hot!

Info.Image: Hypebeast

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  1. Hi,

    Damn. Now that’s what I call exclusive. The point is, I don’t live in the USA but in holland.

    My name is Faijsel and I am a marrocain. I’m 18 years old and I love Nike Air max. Espacially when they’re axclusives sow nobody else has them.I would appreciate it if you could send me a pare off nike air max to holland. Could you send me an answer and your assortment with pricelist of nike air max, ones that are special coulourd like you say above.

    Coulld you give me a bankaccountnumber so I can put cash in it. I don’t know an other way of payment. Paypall is a risky way of payment. I doesn’t feel save when I think about it.

    I look forward hearing from you. Send me an anwer and assortment and pricelist to my e-mail please.My e-mail is

    Thank you,


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