Nick Gentry Floppy Disk Art

Londoner, Nick Gentry takes the notion that one man’s junk being another’s treasure to new levels with his Floppy Disk art, that is as you can imagine, created using old floppy disks as his medium. Relying on donations, Gentry begins the process by grid-mapping a preliminary sketch, each section being the size of one disk, before applying spray paint using a stencil.

The disks are then arranged tonally to create a the collage-like ‘portraits,’ some using as little as six individual disks whilst bigger pieces require up to 100. Finishing details are then added using oil paints. Gentry points out that he is careful to preserve the label and metal slider, and the metal circular hub on the back of the disk, which often works as a metaphor for the human eye…

Nick Hanekom

Nick Hanekom

Nick Hanekom

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