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Although Spring has not yet sprung (a few inches of slush and snow in Boston yesterday… fuuuck), that hasn’t stopped our brands from lacing Karmaloop with all of the latest, greatest madness in streetwear. You’ve noticed by now that LRG, Obey and the Crooks and Castles mob have all come through heavy – and this is just the beginning. Procrastinate from homework or your boss’ busy-work for a few and check out some of the shit The Blog covets like the bad lil sinners we are.

‘Tis the season for jackets. Not only do we have a grip of winter coats still in stock (and on sale, no less), the spring joints are coming in daily and RVCA’s Norfolk Jacket and Crooks and Castles’ Shotty Quilt Jacket are both killers. Throw on a hoodie underneath either and you’ll be set on the warmth front until April.

No labels, no lies… just nekkid pop stars. Featuring Beyonce, Rihanna and Alicia Keys in each of their respective and respected glory, we can already smell the lawsuit coming with The Lesbian Divas Tee (swear to hell that’s what it’s called), but the latest from Freshjive is just so goddamned fresh we don’t even mind. Catch up on The Buyer Wire to learn more about the latest Freshjive hit featuring crazy new cut & sew, fresh plaids and more offensive tees that will have old folks crying in no time.

While it might as well still read “I <3 NY” (we kid, we kid), The Toxic Tee from our dudes at Comune earns a middle finger of approval from the Environmental Protection Agency while they curse at us from their SUV windows. Nothing wrong with a little toxic waste – just ask this guy.

Two different fits from two different brands depending on how to rock your shit. Crooks and Castles’ Chopper Fit Armalite A Jean adds some baggy swagger to your denims while Comune’s Gareth Stehl signature cut perfects the fitted look without making sure you look like a Apolo Ohno.

A classic is a classic no matter how you tweak it, but we’re sweating adidas’ Samba Suede in Cardinal Red lows like we’ve been banging in a sauna. While the iconic black leather joints will always hold a special place in our hearts and closets, the shorter tongue and coffee brown sole are killin’ shit – hint: cop some white laces for these. Pop, pop, pop.

You know that we love Supra. We know that you love Skytops. Everyone knows that The TK Society is just too damned high for some of us, and the fuckin’ genies and wizards they are, Supra found a happy medium with The Skytop II Sneaker, here in black suede. Same build, same comfort, same toughness, the added height isn’t too obscene and the patent detail gives these killers some not-needed-but-much-appreciated kick. *sigh* Dreamy, just dreamy…

Big, burly, and adorned in snakeskin leather… and it’s not our cellmate from last weekend (get out soon, dude). Holliday keeps on living the American dream by producing the absolute finest hand-made leather goods this side of the local sweatshop and the latest hit is no exception. We’ve got four new colorways so far with more on the way, and with the all-around freshness and super-limited quantities, cop one of these quick and throw that fucking velcro wallet in the trash already.

All this and much, much more on the site now – click the banner below and check that shit out.


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