Maiden Noir “Rise of the Seventh” Fall/Winter 2012 Collection

Seattle-based brand Maiden Noir has released this look at their Fall/Winter 2012 collection. Titled “Rise of the Seventh,” the collection will be released through a traveling exhibit that showcases the entire collection alongside various collaborative projects. In commemoration of their upcoming seventh anniversary, Maiden Noir have worked with seven different brands including Challenger, NEXUSVII, New Era Japan, Yoshida & Co. / Porter, Stussy Deluxe, Skookum and Timberland. Maintaining designer Nin Truong’s tendency to draw inspiration from mythology, this collection is most likely inspired by the story of the world of the “Seventh Son.” The collection maintains the brand’s aesthetic desire to pay tribute to a heritage of vintage menswear silhouettes, which is achieved by paying a high level of attention to detail. Items from the collection will be available at five specific locations designated for a limited time as a pop-up stores. Beginning at Japan’s Stussy Harajuku branch, each store will offer different in-store only releases although a selected portion of the collection will also be available throughout the entire season at Maiden Noir’s stockists around the world.

Maiden Noir “Rise of the Seventh” Pop-up Store
Tokyo: 9/15 ~ 9/30 at Stussy Harajuku Chapt
New York: 10/5 ~ 10/14 at Stussy NYC
Toronto: 10/19 ~ 11/4 at HAVEN
Los Angeles: 11/2 ~ 11/24 at OUR FAVORITE SHOP / OFS
Seattle: 11/16 ~ 12/2 at TOTOKELO

Erik R. Adler

Erik R. Adler

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