Magic-Flight ‘Launch Box’ Vaporizer

The Magic-Flight Launch Box Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer continues the trend towards healthier smoking, opting instead to heat a given product to the vaporization point of active materials as opposed to pushing them to the point of complete combustion: this allows for smoke-less consumption of tobacco and other “organic materials” *wink. It uses a high-amp, single AA battery to power the device where other portable vaporizes rely on butane or gas based power sources.

Made from a solid block of maple, the Magic-Flight is said to take one week to assemble and features some unique features including a poly-glass lid that stays closed by a fine metal hook that winds its way through the device and even acts as a grounding point for the battery. It’s definately a cool design that blends more hippie-style (wood) with modern (the tech behind it’s operation).

The Magic Flight is made in the U.S.A. is available at Amazon for less than $100. Frequent smokers take notice!

Photography: Thebosnian

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