LRG’s Jason Friday The 47th Hoody

LRG Jason Friday the 47th Hoody

We were already serious about the Research Group with the popularity of last year’s Dead Serious Skeleton hoody.  Vengeance is tenfold this time around as LRG comes back double crossed with the saws on top of two different striped colorways, envoking a hidden mask in the back for use at your disposal.  Catch ‘em while they sleepin’. Suggested Retail: $112 USD.  Release: Mid/End September.  A must have.

Info.Image: Hypebeast    

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  1. i got a red one which i copped from that i might be willing to let go of…that is if you can’t cop one on right now, they just re-stocked the red, and black ones in all sizes for what is to be the final time, and if you dont get it from karmaloop then it’s fake, heads up! if you cop one, when you check out across from where you put in your e-mail address, in the REP CODE box put in CX16629 to get 20% off the order! you can repeat use my rep code, but it’s only 20% off the first time, then 10% after that, hurry before all them hoodies is gone, cuz if you don’t get it from karmaloop, its fake, ya heard?! (

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