L&K Limited x New Era Dreams Fitted

L&K Limited x New Era Dreams Fitted

L&K Limited Skateboards and Apparel is the brain child of the same company that has brought you DGK, Expedition, Gold and Organika. The fitted is made of 100% white wool with Sea foam green under the bill, and the lining covered in satin. You can cop now at Frank 151.

Info.Image: Strictly Fitteds

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  1. Hey, wasn’t New Era caught up in a couple lawsuits for treating it’s African-American Employees unfairly/racist? They wouldn’t give them promotions they qualified for or promotions they deserved. Hmmm, I won’t rock a New Era hat anymore. Time for another company to get a chance. Does formatmag cosign New Era’s behavior?

  2. Hmmm, you're kinda right says:

    New Era hates union workers. They treated the ones who tried to unionize unfairly. If their doing that, then, I’m not effing with them either! SCREW NEW ERA CAPS!!! My school licenses their hat through 59/50, but we have a few hates made by New Era, we are organizing to get them completely dropped.


  3. Hmmm, you're kinda right says:

    Methinks Jordan is being sarcastic. If I was getting some of that “New Era” money I wouldn’t be too happy about someone causing a stir about their business practices either. To: JustbeingFair, I heard something along those lines too. Then I came across some info that they hate workers unions too. Turns out my school took all New Era caps off the shelves, and wont license through them after the school year. They have ish all screwed up at New Era. I wouldn’t give’em a rusty penny. Plus, there are plenty of other companies out there just as dope.

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