Mr. Lacy Bike Lock By TheGoodWillOut

Mr. Lacy Bikelock By TheGoodWillOut

This might be the heaviest idea we’ve seen in the last few weeks. Check out the new bike lock by Mr. Lacy which is now available in 36 different colors at TheGoodWillOut in Cologne, Germany. And for those who have problems locking at night, there’s also a glow in the dark version available.

Moritz Schuermann

Moritz Schuermann

Moritz Schuermann

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  1. Nice laces but bike thieves would carry a small pair of wire cutters in their pocket or bolt cutters in a large shopping bag to cut cheap coil locks or chain locks. Also laces don’t prevent people from picking up the bike and putting it in the back of their truck and driving away. To steal this bike a thief would only need a pocket knife or a pair of scissors. lol.

    Buy the laces but don’t use them as a bike lock.

    Pay attention to the crazy bike guy in this video on how to properly lock your bike.

  2. I like it, although it would have been even more effective if they’d chosen one of Mr Lacy’s colors that more closely matched the bicycle frame, which would have confused the bike thieves even more! (*grin*)

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