Kozyndan vs. Sony?

Kozyndian USA Chan


Something looks a bit familiar here. Sony’s latest Bravia ad bears an uncanny resemblance to an early Kozyndan panoramic called “USA-Chan.” Coincidence? Kozyndan admits that they once shared their work with Passion Pictures (the production company behind the ad) including the aforementioned panoramic. Judge for yourself.

Info.Image: Juxtapoz

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  1. Shared? More like Passion asked for FREE samples and then left em in the dust. At least that’s what Kozyndan says on his site. I think they were out of ideas and said. Hey, lets just use this picture we have. Now I’m a graphic artist, and yes I have free catalogs from different companies which I use for inspiration. But when I take something that has nothing to do with the item i’m selling, ( Less you can find how Rabbits sell Televisions ) and use it so blatantly. Now if I took all of Format’s Sneaker wallpapers, Use them and say “Get your kicks at so and so’s sneaker depot.” or “Get your kicks at the Soccer game” or whatever damn skippy Format would be pissed. I at least make it my own with my own style if I get my inspiration from another source or art. Honestly if the clay rabbits were just blobs instead of rabbits it might have saved Passion all this embarrassment. Don’t be ashamed about getting your idea from someone, (artists are there to inspire and create art for people to think about their own art) Just don’t go copyin’ the poor man.

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