KAWS – Exhibition at Gering & Lopez Gallery

If we could pick an Artist of the Year award, it would mos def go to the one and only KAWS.  2008 has been a huge year for this dude and he just keeps it moving with more collaborations and dope exhibits.  The latest KAWS exhibit is now at the Gering & Lopez Gallery in his home of NYC.  The show will run from 11/26 to 12/27/2008 and will include some of his most prolific work… namely all the Spongebob and Smurf stuff.  If you are in the NYC area, make sure not to miss out on this one.  Who knows, he may go into hiding for ’09…

Info.Image:  Gering & Lopez

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  1. BOYCOTT KAWS!! says:

    I wouldn’t pick kaws for artist of the year…for real.
    After learning the skill at his job working for disney I would have thought he would come up with something fresh and original, not knock off of cartoon icons that u see on TV and i’m not talking shit cause i know the guy personally.
    KAWS THE SCUMBAG!! now that’s the real deal. if u don’t believe me try to approach him the next time u see him on the streets of Brooklyn. my words will haunt U when he gives u a response…good luck.

    boycott KAWS!!!

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