Karmaloop Has a Posse pt. III


On behalf of Shepard Fairey and company, the latest Obey drop arrived at The ‘Loop last week and needless to say, it’s another winner.


Killin’ it with the snap-back joint, The Original Gangsta Cap throws out a Homestead Grays vintage baseball vibe that will be sure to adorn our skulls from now through this season’s first pitch. For those of you loving the New Era fitted feel and look, Obey has you covered with The Classic Material New Era – can’t go wrong with either, and be sure to check out Obey’s nouveau bike messenger-inspired effort here.


Obey is quickly becoming synonymous with the freshest cardigans in the marketplace, and the latest is no exception. The Lead Cardigan features a 100% cotton build for optimal breathability and comfort, and you gotta love the shawl neck collar and the way it partners with a crisp buttondown. Perhaps even more well known is Obey’s insistence on using only animal-friendly products to manufacture it’s gear and they haven’t strayed like sheltered dogs from that belief yet. The Bounty Jacket features a 100% polyvinyl chloride shell providing a waterproof and uber-warm coat that won’t be left in our closets very often until the weather starts to heat up.


As some early-80’s hardcore punk junkies, The Blogs and Obey would have been hand-to-scarred-hand at free shows, matinees and all-ages jams back in the golden days, and it’s just a shame that Keith MorrisCircle Jerks couldn’t find a time machine to get The Wild in the Streets Tee printed up for the fans when the movement found full momentum. Better late than never.

Taking cue from the ubiquitous USA Today newspaper logo, Shepard proudly displays his fondness for tongue-in-cheek propaganda with The Pyramid Premium Tee. We can’t even begin to imagine how many of those newspaper boxes he had sticker-bombed and scribbled over back in his street art heyday…


Obey denims are getting better and better each season, and The Juvee Modern Tight Fit is our favorite effort thus far. With it’s 98% cotton, 2% spandex build, The Juvee is as tough as it is flexible while you’re out shredding the streets, and the light wax coating gives ‘em some added flash (that looks completely fucking bad ass after taking a couple bails and scuffing the fuckers up a bit). For you lucky bastards away from the frigid Northeast that Karmaloop calls it’s kingdom, check out the Juvee cut-offs – old school style with a modern fit, flex and feel.



Before admitting that we finally buckled and copped The City Messenger (second row above), we’ve been long-time admirers of Obey bags through word of mouth from the most reliable sources – bike messengers, skaters, couriers and the evil 16 year-old delinquent in the apartment next door who uses his City Skate Pack Backpack (first row above) to carry brews and booze from dad’s stash to the house party down the street. Both packs are super tough with 100% nylon construction with polyurethane reinforcements at the spots needed most, and the all-black colorways are right up our quarter ramp.

All these and more available now at Karmaloop, so click the banner below to get a closer look at our Obey Posse.



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