Is Your Child A Tagger?!?!

Is Your Child A Tagger?!?!

When people don’t know shit it shows. Here we have a nice little pamphlet to let you know if your child is a tagger from our good friends over at the Santa Ana PD. Some indicators that your child may be a tagger are: “Your child frequently wears baggy pants or carries a large backpack, Your child has large quantities of “Hello My Name Is” stickers”. God I love the sweet smell of ignorance in the morning.

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  1. I love that “When people don’t know shit it shows.” line. Don’t mind me if I start using it.

  2. Apparently it was a printing mistake at the factory.Yeah,the guy selected the “tagger” heading when in fact he was looking for the “terrorist” one.
    So are you still at risk if you wear green trousers? or….

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