‘Invaded Space’ by Adam Richardson

'Invaded Space' by Adam Richardson

Photographer Adam Richardson and his latest project called ‘Invaded Space’ add an humor and irony to the concept of war. By super-imposing the iconic C64 figures onto war photography, the actual fight gets a new character. Adam Richardson is from Manchester, England, where he works as a photographer, graphic designer and art director.

Moritz Schuermann

Moritz Schuermann

Moritz Schuermann

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  1. I went to his site to check out the 8bit lovelyiness. i’m a fan of classic games, digital collage, the Commodore64, it all speaks to me… Then I noticed – the aliens are a middle eastern enemy. Why do you have to make them non-human? the graphics are cool-the messaging is crap. in the same vein as classic blaxpoitation… the whimsical knocking down of a people. You, Adam Richardson, while handy with photoshop, are doing a bad thing.

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