IHMDJ x The Cool Kids

IHMDJ x The Cool Kids

The IHMDJ (I Hate My Day Job) crew has hooked up with hip hop group The Cool Kids to release these throwback Gucci inspired items. No word on the release yet, but be on the lookout.

Jason Moore

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  1. Cool Kids, Tanya Morgan,Dutchmassive, Litte Brother, Kanye West, A Tribe Called Quest, Lupe Fiasco, Median, Dutchmassive, Common, Rawkus

    peace, This is an Ill collab between Mikey and Chuck and the people over at I HATE MY DAY JOB, if the artist mention above are your thing,

    download my new album on I TUNES called

    The NEXT Final Fantasy / Chapter I: CRUSH YOUR SYSTEM


    and check my Blog for kicks, gear and classic hiphop


    Peace to FORMATMAG!

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