IHMDJ! Collaborations

Brooklyn brand IHMDJ! has a couple of noteworthy upcoming collaborations. The first is a shirt that was designed in conjunction with Singaporean design studio Phunk. Only available for sale in New York and Singapore, the shirt comes in 3 colors (Yellow, Pink, and Black) and features a striking pop art image that reads “FUCK PEACE LET’S FIGHT.”

The other is an eye-catching necklace and pendant created and produced with lifestyle blog Styleslut. A graphic reading “Baggage” is emblazoned across the front, with the phrase “Because We’re All Fucked Up In Our Own Special Way” engraved on the back. According to the brand, the necklace was designed “as an artistic statement about honesty, embracing our imperfections, and celebrating them in our individuality.” The necklace is available in a black and gold colorway in London, and in white and silver in New York. Only 50 of each were produced, so act fast.

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