Hoodman 07


Here are the first three pieces of the Hoodman Spring/Summer ’07 line. Obamania jumps out first, but whether you like Barack O. or not, heads gotta love the nod to Eric B. and Rakim’s 4th and Broadway vinyl. Throw in some circa ’86 Chicago Bulls font, anti-Iraq War rhetoric, and you see that Hoodman is equal parts social commentary and aesthetic freshness. All items are available in Rival at 225 Hudson (at Canal) or direct from Hoodman.






  1. Hell yeah..!!! Big ups to the boys on the East…Laying it down!! Bet no doubt mang…LET IT BE KNOWN! HHODMAN IS ON THE RISE..


  2. StreetPharmacist215 says:

    yo those designs are fire AND they all got a dope message! shit is too rare these days in street wear…fuck it i’m heading down to rival…cant wait for the rest of the line too!

  3. eddie, you takin off kid. congrats on everything. line looks dope, cant wait to see your future pieces. you just gotta work on your gangsta pose.


  4. AZNREGULATA88 says:

    Yo them pieces are crazy fire!!! the message is hot, the colors is hot, the graphics are hot, and most defff the drive and freshness Hoodman is truth.

  5. damn i just read about you on allhiphop.com i hope you really make it big man represent the asians! haha

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