Henk Hofstra’s “Art-Eggcident” in Leeuwarden

Henk Hofstra’s “Art-Eggcident” in Leeuwarden

Dutch artist Henk Hofstra just wrapped up an environmental art project called ‘Art Eggcident’ in Leeuwarden (a city north of the Netherlands). ‘The eggs’– each 100 feet wide– were spread on Zaailand, one of the largest city squares in the Netherlands, and will remain in Leeuwarden for the next six months.

Info.Image: Wooster

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  1. hey nice to see this on the format frontpage! Leeuwarden is actually the place where im living a the moment. When ur standin on the square itself the eggs just look like giant white blobs with yellow hills on em.. I already figured out they would suppose to be eggs but this panorama pic actually makes the whole thing a lot more clear. Im still curious what is ment with the circle of people in the yoke on the lower left corner

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