“Guilty Smurf” Giclee Print

“Guilty Smurf” Giclee Print

Oops! The 26 Giclee limited edition prints are ALREADY sold-out! At $50 dollars a pop, you had a chance to snag the unofficial, and meanest Smurf in Smurf Village– Guilty Smurf. If you can’t beat ‘em, kill ‘em ,and that’s what Guilty Smurf did to all of his famous Smurf counterparts (including Baby Smurf). ZeroFriend is celebrating the 20th anniversary of Guilty Smurf’s massacre with this now-scare Giclee print painted by artists Alex Pardee. Hopefully, the craze for Guilty Smurf’s blood stained hands will persuade Alex re-create the edition.

Info.Image: ZeroFrienda

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