GIVEAWAY: Akomplice x Conveyor Fred Segal Paint Pack

Akomplice and Conveyor Fred Segal have teamed to put together the Paint Pack, a special limited edition gear pack to promote awareness of global warming – and we’re giving one away.

US Secretary of Energy Steven Chu remarked that if we just painted all our roads and rooftops to a paler shade, it would have the same effect on global warming as taking every car off the road for eleven years. We’re not sure of the maths behind it, but it’s a powerful message – that if we just stick together and make little changes to our lifestyles, we can make a difference.

With that in mind, this limited edition pack contains a t-shirt, a custom paint-brush and hand-numbered certificate of authenticity packaged inside and Akomplice x Conveyor Fred Segal paint pack. Limited to 75 in number, they’re a lasting piece

How do you get one? Well you can either attend the Paint Pack release party in Santa Monica, this Wednesday, June 16, or you can enter this giveaway!

How does it work? Simple.

1. Log into Facebook and share the link for the Akomplice x Conveyor Fred Perry Paint Pack Release Party. If you’ve forgotten it already, it’s over here.

2. Become a fan of the Akomplice Clothing Facebook page (located here), and let us all know you’ve shared the link by writing on the wall!

3. Sit back, and wait for us to select a winner at random! It’s that easy!

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