Gabriel Urist for Barack Obama Pendants

Renowned jeweler Gabriel Urist, known for his sneaker- and NBA-inspired jewelry pieces, has designed this pendant to show his support for Democratic candidate Barack Obama. The pendants reproduce Obama’s campaign logo in silver, and come on a bright red band. Definitely not in Urist’s typical style, these have a beautiful handmade look to them, and will probably be released in limited numbers. Even if you aren’t able to get one of these for yourself, remember to educate yourselves and vote in the upcoming election.

Yang-Yi Goh

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  1. Believable a year ago, six months maybe. Right now its too late in the game, three weeks to elections, to call this anything but hype train money. And to top it off a straight cop from another’s work (campaign logo) after so much original material has already been done by other artists.

  2. hey…i know i’m kind of late in discovering these necklaces, but can i still buy one (or a few) of these? i tried to go to that website but it said there was an error. anyway, let me know because these necklaces are AMAZING!!

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