Format Seeks Interns (December-February)

Format Seeks Interns

Format Magazine is looking for editorial, graphic design, and marketing interns to work in our Toronto office.

– Are a streetwear, sneaker, lowbrow, graffiti, and designer toy enthusiast.
– Want free clothes and music. All positions are currently unpaid.
– Can commit 25 hours per week for the months of December, January, and February.

Please send applications including resume, cover letter, and samples to


  1. Jessica Angie Thornton says:

    Hello there,

    My name is Jessica Angie Thornton.

    Im a 19 year old female living in London Ontario, at the present.
    i really adore format magazine, i came across it while googleing some art information, trying to figure what i want to do with my career path. Im really interested in becoming an art director, this internship would be wonderful for me to get some kind of idea of the business and advertising world, im new at this and i would love to get more knowledgeable about the company. I love fashion, the urban style, the Japanese street style im in love with as well, its so out there and insane in the membrane!
    I have taken visual arts all through out high school and last year took a clinic at the Ontario School of Art and Design! Such a neat school, lots of talent.
    I enjoy reading and painting and putting neat outfits together, and surfing the net in my spare time.i really love learning new things and i know i would be a great hardworking member to your creative team.

    I hope to hear back from you in the near future.

    Jessica Angie Thornton~


  2. my friend is an amizing graffiti artist and he would like to work for your company if he went for it how would he have to go about it

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